In January 2007, the company members of Maurer Söhne GmbH & Co KG Messrs. Hans and Peter Beutler and Ms. Ursula Grill, established the charitable foundation Stiftung Maurer Söhne based in Munich.


November 2022:Awards for Investigations on the Efficiency of Tuned Sloshing Dampers and Damage Detection within Fatigue Samples

October 2021:Awards for Vibration Attenuation by Usage of Gabion Wall and TMD Optimization

September 2020:The foundation Stiftung Maurer Söhne awarded two master theses in the fields of soil-structure simulation and CFD-based simulation of wind-excited tall buildings

August 2019:Award for Probabilistic Optimization of Curved Surface Slider for Maximum Seismic Isolation

July 2018:Awards for coupled fluid-structure-damper simulation and parameter identification of cross-laminated timber plates

July 2017:Awards for half-space modelling with spherical cavity and damage identification of a multi-component steel frame

July 2016:Awards for two Master Theses

June 2015:Award for aerodynamic mass effect investigation

July 2014:Awards for modellings of beam element, aerospace structure and half-space


Aim of the foundation

The Stiftung Maurer Söhne aims at supporting R&D projects at the interface of civil and mechanical engineering. Specifically, the foundation supports R&D projects at technical universities and research institutes in the following fields: